‘There was no one to help me’: A woman and her baby survive a horrific storm in France

A woman who survived a devastating storm in northern France says she and her daughter survived because she didn’t want to leave them behind.

The woman, who gave her name only as Toulouse, said she was at a village inn in Saint-Georges-de-l’Isle in the southern province of Ailly, France, on Monday night when the storm hit.

She told Reuters: “I thought the storm would be over, and then I saw the lights of the village in the distance.

I thought it was a fairy story.”

But I realised that there was no house in the village, so I started to panic.

I was afraid that I was going to be drowned.

“She said she started to crawl into the mud and found herself trapped under a bridge.”

Then the water started coming.

It was terrible.

It just hit me that I couldn’t get out of there,” she said.”

The whole of the bridge was falling apart.

I had to crawl through the mud.

I just wanted to die.

“She was in the water, and she was in my arms.””

I tried to reach her, but I couldn´t,” she added.

“She was in the water, and she was in my arms.”

The woman said she crawled back to the village.

“We went back to where we were,” she recalled.

“The house where my daughter and my wife lived was in a different place.

I didn´t know who to go to.

I asked the girl, ‘Where are you?’ and she answered, ‘I don´t want to go back to my village.'”

She said the woman told her that if she told anyone about the storm, the whole village would be destroyed.

“She said that the storm was over, but if anyone wanted to help, they would be killed.

And she said that she wanted to go home,” she recounted.”

I didn´ts want to die.

I wanted to be able to help my daughter, who was under my arms.

But I had no choice.”

The local government is investigating the incident.

The French National Disaster Prevention and Control Authority said that while a few houses were damaged, no one was killed.

The local municipality, Ailly-de la Ville, said that it is looking into the incident, but that it would not comment further.

“This is a very difficult situation for everyone involved.

The village needs help and support,” Ailly mayor Jean-Pierre Lévy told reporters on Tuesday.