How to prepare for a winter garden party

By JOE SAGALOT | Staff reporterVail, Colo.

— The weather is perfect for a Winter Garden Village Soup Kitchen event.

Soup and drinks are served in a giant wooden cup, and people gather at the kitchen counter to eat and drink.

The restaurant’s owners have been raising money for charity for years.

The soup kitchen is one of three in the Denver area that will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year.

Owner Scott Miller said he and his family have enjoyed their soup and drinks for nearly 50 years.

He’s been at the Soup Kitchen for over 30 years.

“It’s just an honor to be able to be around these folks who are in need of the help that they can give, and to help them realize their dreams,” Miller said.

The restaurant will have a Winter Gardens Village Soup Day and the soup is also available for purchase at the front counter.

People who want to make a donation can call 303-876-6700 or donate at [email protected]

The soup will be donated to the Colorado Foundation for Hunger.

“We’re in a tough time right now,” Miller added.

“People are hurting and need help.

This soup is really the first thing people need in their life.”

The restaurant also has an online fundraiser that will help the soup kitchen raise money to help with its homeless services.

“This soup is so much more than just soup,” Miller told Denver7.

“It’s a wonderful way to connect with your community.

It helps you be more present and in tune with the people around you.”

The soup has been serving its soup for more than 50 years, and it was the first one to open in the United States.