What you need to know about rural farming and the new global food revolution

Farmers in the village of Kannur in Tamil Nadu are hoping to harvest their first crops from the local mango tree this year.

A team of 30 people started planting the mango trees this year and they are hoping that the seeds will be harvested in the next few weeks.

“We have been planting mango trees for nearly 20 years and our goal is to be able to harvest the first mangoes from this tree,” Kavita Ramkrishnan, a farm worker, told The Hindu.

Ramkishan and her husband have been raising mangoes in the same way for the last 20 years.

They started the mango farm in 2010.

Ramkrishnnan and other farmers started their mango tree farm in Kannaras, in the north of Tamil Nadu, in 2008.

The farm is one of the most profitable in the state.

“The farmers here have a lot of faith in us and the tree.

We have been able to get good yields every year,” Ramk Krishnan, who is the head of the farm, told the news channel.

In the past few years, the number of mangoes harvested in Kankurapuram district has increased significantly.

The farmers, who have been growing mangoes since 2008, have harvested more than 5 million tons of mango in the last few years.

“Our mangoes are now very well grown and our yield is very good,” Kankumaras village farmer Jyotish Bhaskar told the Hindustan Times.

Kankura Pramanakaran, a farmer who has been growing vegetables in the region for more than 50 years, told HT that the area has become a hub of growing mango.

“Mango is a huge crop in Kanchera district and the local people have been buying mangoes as a source of income.

Now we have a growing demand for mangoes.

Our mangoes can be exported to China, the US, India and Australia,” he said.