Snowy Village Family Practice is getting a new location

Snowy Family Practice has opened a new cafe in the village of Hilden in south-west England.

The family practice opened its first branch in Southport last year, with a second location in Huddersfield set to open in the summer.

Owner, Julie Smith, said: “We have been trying to get this location in the area, which is where we had the success with the first location, for a number of years.”

We are hoping to open the new cafe by Christmas and it is looking great.

“It is an incredibly beautiful area and we want to get out there and get some great, fresh local ingredients.”

As well as providing fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, we want our customers to be inspired by our work.

“Our focus is on providing a warm and inviting environment for the families in our care.”

They can feel like they are part of a family and have a safe and positive environment to come to for the day, as well as the rest of the family.

“The café will be situated at the corner of Woodside Road and Wootton Way in the town of Hudderfield.

Ms Smith said the new location would be the “home of family and friends” with regular meetings held at the cafe, where people can chat and socialise.

She said: ‘It will be the place where we will connect people who are going to the family practice or just want to go for a coffee and chat.”

I think it is going to be a very special place for us.

“Everyone is going out and having a great time and it will be a great place for people to get together and have their day out with their friends.”

When we opened up the second location, we had a few people from the town come and join in on the fun.

“Now we are hoping for more people to come out and get together.”

She said she was looking forward to the opportunity to “help the town and the county as a whole”.

Ms Smith also added that the family practise had been “overwhelmed” by the response to its opening in the region, with people sending in “tons of food and drinks”.

She said the cafe would be a “big success” and added: “People are coming in, asking to meet up, sharing a coffee, and wanting to learn more about the practice.”

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