When the first American to visit, it’s a big deal

Villagers in the remote village of Wigley, West Virginia, have been getting buzz since last week, when a member of Congress visited with President Donald Trump.

The town of more than 11,000 is just 10 miles south of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the area’s economy is based on tourism and agriculture.

Wigleys residents have been living in poverty for more than a decade and their town has been ranked among the top 10 poorest in the nation by the United Nations Development Program, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

But the village has had a visitor since February, when the first lady, Melania Trump, visited with her husband, Prince William, and their daughters, Ivanka and Kate.

The trip marked the first time the two had met as a married couple.

The visit was billed as a first step toward “establishing a new relationship” between the president and his family, the Post reported. “

It’s been a little bit of a dream come true for Wigsleys people.”

The visit was billed as a first step toward “establishing a new relationship” between the president and his family, the Post reported.

Wigsys community, however, had little to celebrate when the news broke that Trump had chosen to visit the town.

Trump had planned to meet with local officials on Wednesday, but was delayed by the White House’s decision to cancel the event.

“I guess I wasn’t supposed to be here,” Wigges said.

“So it’s kind of sad that I got to see the first family, which is great, but I think it was kind of a bad idea.”

The trip comes just months after Trump announced he was seeking a second term in office, and amid a growing concern that his policies could have a devastating effect on communities in the region.

On Tuesday, the White

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